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The Trusted Cleaning Company in Great Falls, MT

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I hate hacks and empty promises. Phrases like, “100% satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Free- estimates!” are crap marketing. Who pays for quotes? And about the guaranteed satisfaction. . . can’t do it. You’re not going to be satisfied all the time and we can’t guarantee no screw-ups. We can’t gimmick our way into your facility and tell you the same tired spiel, either. But what I can do for you is be honest and fearless. Honest in our intentions and fearless in admitting our mistakes.


I love the genuine care and passion of cleaning that our employees exhibit in their work for our customers. There’s a customized plan of action for each facility that perpetually cleans and maintains the shine of your windows, carpets, and floors. When you sign on with our services, we mean business. From the managers to the employees, and to the gal who shuts off your lights and sets the alarm, we are constantly scheduling, improving, talking, and inspecting your facility to make it look its best. We’re going to make things better. We’re going to solve your problems. That’s the feeling of knowing you’re a Priority.


History of our company

It started with buying a used Oreck vacuum and shop-vac from a tag sale, along with cleaning supplies under the sink. My first client had me cleaning fly-poop from the ceiling of their porch for free. The promotion was in exchange for a Google review. Most of the first six months turned little profit. I remember sitting on the edge of the bed one day, apologizing to my girlfriend for not paying my share of the bills. It wasn’t fun times. But in doing those free cleanings, I was learning how to clean effectively. I was also gaining exposure in the community. Even today, it’s been my contention that money will come and go but reviews last forever. I started getting serious about the kind of service that the industry needed and decided to create something with the customer in mind. My best friend created a pair of gloved hands and a boxed name that I had voiced to him that same week, which is the logo you see today.


I got our name from watching an episode of King of Queens where Doug befriends a Priority-Plus driver. Words became flesh. Customers did become the priority and so did the quality of people we allowed inside their facilities. I even came up with a company slogan that today each employee knows as our everyday mission—“to bring value back to the cleaning industry.”

Let's Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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In 2018, I hired a 65-year-old janitor who had over forty years’ experience. I couldn’t afford him at the time but having him introduce me to the Janitorial industry was pivotal. He worked as a janitor at the Great Falls School system and as a janitor at Disney in Universal Studios, Florida.

Under the guidance of former Commercial Manager, Mike Torio, I learned how to handle a buffer, burnisher, riding floor scrubber, and perform professional window squeegeeing. Today, Mike is still with us and imparts a wealth of knowledge to our staff members and new employees. He often refers to himself as a “singer of song,” and sings broken lyrics while mopping or wiping things down. Customers really enjoy his upbeat and funny quirkiness that so perfectly fits the office.

Business is a team sport and I owe everything to the people who helped us get here and who remain alongside our effort to maintain value in the Janitorial Industry. I hope I never get jaded. I hope to be void of negligence and indifference because today I remain so grateful. The employees are phenomenal, and the customers are tremendous. In the words of my upbringing in BSA, and said by Lord Baden Powell, “try and leave this world a little better than you found it.”

Mickey Dayton
Chairman & CEO
Priority Clean LLC

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